The warranty offered by Vangura guarantees that all custom fabricated marble, granite, solid surface and quartz products are free from defects in material and workmanship. The products are warranted and transfer with the title of the property. There is no limit on transfer of warranty. The warranty covers replacement cost and material. Marble, granite and other stone products are natural products and are mostly crystalline in nature. The natural fissures of these materials are not structural defects. Granite has natural imperfections and this does not mean there are any flaws in the material.

Marble, granite and stone products are also porous and this can cause some discoloration. The unique characteristics of these materials do not impair their durability. The warranty excludes dark spots, discolorations, fissures and stains as they are naturally occurring. If customers use abrasive material for the cleaning of marble or granite surfaces, it can void the warranty. The warranty offered is one of the best in the industry and covers all marble, granite and quartz countertops.

Natural stone repels dirt and water. The countertops need to be sealed to increase stain resistance. Sealing the countertop reduces absorption of dirt. When the countertop is properly sealed it guarantees stain protection from household foods and beverages. The advanced sealing material provides maximum protection. The stone material is protected with sealant and this makes cleaning easier. Avoid placing heavy things on the countertop as it can stress the material and cause it to crack. The warranty on countertop offered by Vangura is unparalleled and will protect your investment for a lifetime. The warranty keeps the stone material as good as new.