Endless Edge by Vangura is an innovative addition to your countertop design. No more need for the “flat cap” when you can choose the Endless Edge to finish open ends and islands.

Vangura has invested over five years of research and development resulting in one the most innovative products in the industry. Using two patented edge profiles; Savana and Savante`, and a proprietary manufacturing process, Vangura delivers an option not available from any other countertop manufacturer in the world.

And while the Endless Edge raises the level of your designs, it does so in a very inexpensive way. Vangura uses CNC and post form technology for the most efficient production process to maintain the highest quality tolerances as well as cost effective manufacturing. The result is fewer seams and a countertop that looks like natural stone, at half the cost.

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Vangura is known for creating unique and trend setting products to enhance any countertop project. View our other Patented Products in the gallery below.

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