THEU™ Undermount Sink System

THEU – Undermount Sink System by Vangura has been successfully tested under the continuous direct supervision of SGS U.S. Testing Co., Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vangura also tested the Undermount Sink System at its own Research and Design Studio. The Undermount Sink System endured the exposure of water and weight equivalent to a lifetime of normal use with zero failures detected.

Raise your design to a new level with THEU Vangura’s Undermount Laminate Sink System. THEU uses a proprietary process from more than two years of extensive research and development. THEU features 13 stainless steel and 17 acrylic Karran sink bowls, offering a smooth and sleek look without unsightly seams. THEU is resilient and watertight with a high-end look and lasting utility.

THEU Undermount Sink System is a great durable option for your laminate countertop.