Build your kitchen around the classic warmth of a butcher block countertop !

Vangura offers four types of butcher block materials all derived from North American hardwood: Rock Maple, Black Walnut, American Cherry and Appalachian Red Oak. The company sources the wood it uses only from forests that are managed in a sustainable fashion so that we may meet today’s demands while ensuring adequate natural resources are available for future generations.

Hard Rock Maple – the hardest of the four woods – is the most popular. Maple’s neutral color scheme is another advantage; its light tans and browns complement almost any kitchen’s décor.

Walnut is steadily gaining ground on Maple, despite its priciness, due to its appealing mix of tans, creams and browns that range from medium to dark chocolate.

American Cherry features pink to reddish-brown hues with pale yellowish streaks. It starts out a bit pale or pinkish, but patinas (darkens) over time.

Red Oak shows off bolder shades of browns than does Maple, plus touches of gold, pink and amber.

Color: Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut





Finishes: Oil & Varnique

Vangura Butcher Block Countertops come with one of two proprietary finishes: a coat of natural, food-safe oil; or a varnish-like sealant called Varnique. The former requires quick cleanup of spills and regular re-oiling. The latter is low-maintenance and easier to clean, but it is not intended to be cut upon directly. Instead, we recommend you place a cutting board atop the countertop.

Edge Profiles: Bevel & Roundover

The default edge type is slightly eased, meaning the top of each edge is sanded very lightly. Radius edges sport rounded tops where the curve marks out a one-quarter-inch radius. Bevel or Beveled edges are shaved flat, so that each of the two internal angles comprising the turn is 145 degrees.





Features & Benefits

Natural Benefits

  • Hygienic: Wood counters are naturally sanitary because they have an inherent, built-in protection against bacteria.
  • Easy Fixes: Unlike other materials, if wood countertops are ever damaged, simply sand away the undesired marks or dents to smooth out the surface.
  • Adaptability: The rustic look of lumber allows wood counters to go anywhere in the home. Put them in the kitchen, install them on your wet bar, place them in your pantry, make a butcher block island to hang your pots and pans above like a real gourmet chef.


  • These countertops present a warm, natural surface.
  • Beautiful patterns and designs are available depending on the species of wood and its grain.
  • Stains and finishes can create a wider range of design choices. (For example, a checkerboard pattern can be chosen for a butcher block countertop).
  • Wood provides a solid work surface for food preparation, depending on grain orientation.
  • Wood countertops are great for kneading bread dough or rolling piecrust.
  • They won’t easily damage your dinnerware.
  • These countertops tend to look even more beautiful with age and use.

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