Hines Ward Vangura Experience

If you’re from Pittsburgh or a Steeler fan, you know #86, Hines Ward, the receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Vangura is proud to have welcomed Ward as the honoree at the Vangura Surfacing Products Open House on November 6, 2010 in North Huntingdon, Pa. The open house allowed Ward and Vangura to team up to not only display the advantages of Vangura as an elite countertop manufacturer, but also as a benefit for Ward’s charity – Hines Ward Helping Hands Korea Foundation.

Vangura and Hines Ward both understand the dedication, commitment, and hard work it takes to be a champion. We also understand that these traits must extend beyond just the work in our respective daily fields, be it on a football field or in the countertop industry. That is why Vangura teamed up with Ward to help raise money for the Hines Ward Helping Hands Korea Foundation. The foundation will strive to end discrimination of biracial children in Korea while teaching them the traits that Vangura and Ward both find necessary to succeed.

Check out the pictures and videos from the event to hear what Hines Ward has to say about Vangura!

To learn more about the Hines Ward Helping Hands Korea Foundation.

Hines Ward Speech at Vangura

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