Granite is an igneous rock that is formed as a result of slow crystallization of molten magma below the Earth’s surface. Granite is generally made up of quartz, feldspar, and various mafic materials and can be found all over the world. Used for its unique beauty, durability, and versatility, granite is the oldest building material.

Yes, this product is protected by Vangura’s Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers the polish of the edge-profile, staining, and craftsmanship.
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Vangura polishes the edge after applying the profile to the countertop. However, the polish on the top of the deck is produced by the slab provider using high pressure polishing machinery that can not be duplicated in the field. Granite is made up of several minerals causing the polish and surface texture to possibly vary on the deck due to the minerals polishing differently.

Granite is a natural product, and a certain amount of visual and/or tactile variation on the deck does occur due to varying mineral content and is acceptable in the industry. The bottom of the countertop is not polished.

A fissure is a hairline opening in the face of the stone demonstrating stone’s natural characteristics; a lineal or non-directional void in the face and crystalline structure of stone that typically is very thin and irregular.
(As defined by Marble Institute of America)

These are natural parts of the stone formation due to its crystalline structure.

Yes, although our installers make the seams as tight as they can, industry standards say that 1/16” seam with a tolerance of + 1/64” is acceptable. Because our seams are so tight, lippage (uneven heights in a seam) may appear more obvious. Lippage occurs due to variances in slab thickness or a concave/convex warp in the slabs. Slab thickness can vary up to 1/8”.

The bottom of the edge can vary due to the differences in slab thickness especially with the Pearl and Diamond Edges. A thinner slab will not be rounded as much on the bottom.

Our goal is for the overhang to equal 1 ½”. However, the overhang often varies depending on the straightness of the cabinet installation.

Level support is required for a sound installation of your stone countertop.

Vangura’s cleaner is formulated specifically for stone and is made for use with Vangura’s polish and sealer.

Yes, but it is an optional product.

Vangura recommends that Granite be sealed at least once a year. However, not all stones have the same porosity and some may require sealing more often than others.

Yes. Please refer to for your Limited Lifetime Warranty details.

Although Granite is a very hard & durable product, the use of trivets and cutting boards is recommended.

This is not recommended.

High impact to the stone can chip it. A certain amount of care is recommended with your Granite countertop. Chipping and/or damaging the Granite usually requires some amount of effort. Your plate or cup is more likely to be damaged than the Granite.

The damage will need to be evaluated before determining reparability.



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