Lifetime Guarantee

Vangura offers lifetime guarantee on all its products. Don’t worry we got you covered. All products offered by Vangura undergo a strict quality control process. This ensures that you get only the best countertop products available in the industry. Register the warranty for complete peace of mind.

Five Star Manufacturing

Vangura® creates striking countertops with a Five Star Manufacturing process that is VSO:9000 certified. We ensure every Vangura granite and Vanite® – Engineered with Silestone® countertop, manufactured and installed by Vangura®, is able to be covered by a Lifetime Warranty*. Vangura’s countertops are polished to perfection, illuminating their intricate patterns and rich colors. Delicately sculpted edges and dramatic profiles offer exceptional strength that defies the boundaries of design. It’s no wonder Vangura® has a reputation for unmatched excellence.

  • Superior Quality—Vangura’s discerning customers demand nothing less than the very best. Vangura® selects only the very finest grade-one granite and pure natural quartz to create Vangura granite and Vanite® – Engineered with Silestone® countertops.
  • World-Class Selection—Vangura offers three levels of custom manufacturing from which to choose: Silver, Gold, or Platinum with 17 CNC-machined edge-profiles available. Vangura ensures quality and value for every project regardless of style or budget.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship—Computer-generated templates and edge-profiles are machined to their exact shape with a microscopic tolerance standard by employing diamond and water-jet cutting technologies.
  • Bringing Quality to the Surface—Vangura countertops are polished to an exquisite luster with more than a dozen custom-built, Italian CNC machines. These enormous machines deploy six high-pressure milling cycles to achieve a depth of radiance that is unattainable by hand machines or chemical enhancers.
  • Warranted* for a Lifetime—Vangura’s Lifetime Warranty* ensures every stone countertop manufactured and installed by Vangura® will be covered for:
    • Polish—Visual depth, brilliant clarity and the radiance of the edge-profile will not fade or lose gloss.
    • Staining—Countertop will be stain-resistant to common food and beverage liquids.
    • Craftsmanship—Skilled stone artisans combine time-honored craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to transform Mother Nature’s raw beauty into works of art, free from material manufacturing defect.

Warranty* Program

Vangura® annually inspects and revives your countertop with a lustrous shine and shields your countertop from grease, grime and stains. Vangura® uses a specific process exclusively engineered for Vangura® granite and Vanite® – Engineered with Silestone®. Vangura’s factory-trained specialist meticulously searches for any damage caused by physical, chemical or other abuse. The specialist then applies a specifically-formulated cleaner and sealer that deeply penetrates to reside in the inter crystalline area of the stone. This process creates a strong water and oil repellent, air permeable barrier which allows the stone to breathe. The protective process finishes with a polish the surface that produces an exquisite shine. To obtain more information, please email

* All sales of Vangura® granite and Vanite® – Engineered with Silestone® are governed by, and expressly subject to, the terms and conditions of the Vangura Surfacing Products’ standard warranty.


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