Solid Surface Care & Maintenance

Routine Care

Vangura® Solid Surface may be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps, such as those used for hands or dishes. A mild non-abrasive household cleaner such as Fantastik® and Formula 409® may also be used. Cleaning products containing bleaching agents should not be used on Vangura® Solid Surface. Large quantities of these agents and extended periods of exposure may cause discoloration. A mild abrasive cleaner (such as Comet®, Soft Scrub®, Bon Ami®, etc.) can be used on solid surface material.

Difficult Spills

If a stain develops on the surface, wipe it away with soap and water or glass cleaner. If a stain doesn’t respond to soap and water, and your surface has a matte finish, apply a mild abrasive cleanser. For a gloss finish, you should contact your dealer before attempting repairs.

Chemicals to Avoid

Do not expose the surface to harsh chemicals such as paint remover, turpentine, nail polish remover (acetone) or stove and drain cleaners. If these chemicals come in contact with the surface, immediately wash them off with water, using appropriate safety measures to avoid injury.

General Precautions

Always use a cutting board instead of cutting directly on the surface. While minor cuts and scratches can be repaired, care should be taken to prevent them to keep the surface looking as good as new.

Hot pans and heat-producing appliances (frying pans, baking pans, electric skillets, crockpots, coffeepots, etc.) must be placed on a trivet with legs to dissipate the heat.

If you need help with an unusual problem, please contact your dealer.