Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

Routine Care

Natural stone requires some maintenance. The top needs to be resealed with stone sealer annually.  Once sealer dries, apply stone polish and buff.  For best results, follow directions on Vangura® maintenance care products.

Difficult Spills

To remove difficult spills, wipe the surface with warm water and soap.  For stains that harden as they dry such as food, remove by applying poutice powder, available through Vangura®, and then clean using warm water and soap.

Extreme Heat Protection

Natural Stone is resistant to heat and can withstand moderate temperatures for brief periods of time without being damaged.  Although Natural Stone is heat-resistant, all stone can be damaged by sudden and extreme temperature changes, especially near the edges.  For this reason, we recommend using a trivet or a hot pad to protect your Natural Stone surface from extreme heat.

Chemicals to Avoid

Avoid exposing your Natural Stone surface to strong chemicals and solvents.  Items to avoid include: nail polish remover, permanent markers or inks, oil soaps and furniture cleaners or paint strippers that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride.  Also avoid exposing your Natural Stone surface to chemicals with high alkaline/PH levels, such as oven cleaners.

General Precautions

Although Natural Stone is scratch- and heat-resistant, we recommend protecting your Natural Stone surface by using a hot pad or trivet for extreme heat protection and a cutting board to avoid damage to your knives.