Ready-Made Vanities



Frequent Asked Questions

In our FAQ section, we answer most of the common questions pertaining to the installation and care of our ready-made vanity countertops.  If you don’t find your answers in our FAQ sections, please send us an email. If you need further help, please call our service desk at 412.824.7777

Q. Why buy a beautiful new “Vangura Stone Vanity” counter?
A. For over four decades Vangura has specialized in the production of the highest quality countertops
made.  We offer the best money can buy.

Q. Can I install my new, exquisite “Vangura Stone Vanity” counter?
A. Absolutely!  Basic carpentry and plumbing skills are all that is necessary.  In most cases, installing your vanity
should take less than an hour.

Q. Does my new, elegant “Vangura Stone Vanity” counter come with installation instructions?
A. Yes! Simple installation instructions are found printed on the label of every “Vangura Stone Vanity”
counter.   (Instructions are available online too.)

Q. What is the thickness of my luxurious new “Vangura Stone Vanity” counter?
A. Vangura uses 1 1/8” (3 cm) thick material for the deck and splash.  This gives you a superior
product with added strength & durability over thinner ¾”(2 cm) material.

Q. What does Mother Nature provide for the amazing “Vangura Stone Vanity” counters?
A. Vangura imports exquisite granite and quartz products from around the world including Africa,
India, Norway, Australia, Brazil and Canada.  Vangura also has domestic granite as well.

Q. How do I purchase a new, impeccable “Vangura Stone Vanity” counter?
A. At a Vangura dealer near you.  Please call us for details on dealers.  You can also schedule a visit to Vangura’s manufacturing campus to view our ready-made vanities.  Schedule online or call us at 412-824-7777.

Q. What are the advantages of a Vitreous China drop in bowl?
A. Drop-in bowls are easy to install for the homeowner and offer a more sanitary transition between stone & bowl.

Q. Can my striking, new “Vangura Stone Vanity” counter be installed against the wall or does it have
to be free standing?
A. The slightly beveled Eased edge on both sides of the top it enables it to be installed against the wall or free standing.

Q. What sizes are available when purchasing my new, unique “Vangura Stone Vanity” counter?
A. These select stone vanity counter tops are available in four standard sizes (25”, 31”, 37” and 49”)
and fit securely onto a 21” standard base cabinet.

Q. What are the Vitreous China vanity bowl colors?
A. White & Biscuit.

Q. How do I pay for my beautiful, new “Vangura Stone Vanity” counter?
A. Vangura accepts cash, personal checks and credit cards.