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Don’t Neglect It; Your Countertop Needs to Be Cleaned, Polished and Sometimes Sealed.

Even hard granite can acquire rust, soap and food stains. Clean up spills quickly, and don’t let puddles of liquid stand for a long time on any stone surface. Always protect it: all countertop surfaces can discolor from heat, so you must use a trivet under hot pans. Marble, slate and some polished granites can show scratches, so it is important to use a cutting board. Also, don’t let that lemon juice stand around on stone – the acid can etch the surface.

Cleaning Products

Vangura’s Countertop Cleaner is specially formulated to remove dirt, fingerprints, scuff-marks, body-oil and everyday dirt from your Natural and Engineered Stone surface. Vangura’s Countertop Cleaner cleans and conditions your countertop surface, leaving it shining bright and silky smooth to the touch. It has a fresh, pleasant fragrance, and it will not harm your sink or appliances. When used regularly, it will enhance the natural beauty of your Natural and Engineered Stone surface.

Vangura’s Countertop Sealer is ideal for waterproofing and protecting your Natural Stone countertop by locking out grease, oil stains, dirt, water, mold and mildew. Unlike waxes or other treatments that just sit on the surface, Vangura’s Countertop Sealer penetrates deep into the pours of your Natural Stone to create a long-lasting barrier that “locks out” oils, water and dirt. You can easily wipe away liquids and prevent stains before they happen. When properly applied, it will not darken, increase shine or change the original appearance of your Natural Stone surface.

Vangura’s Countertop Polish is exactly what you need to remove light etching, water marks, glass rings, or dullness and restore the shine on your polished Natural Stone surface. Vangura’s Countertop Polish is a ready-to-use product that rejuvenates the original beauty of your Natural Stone countertop.

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